The Tegla Difference

Our History

North Wales is home to three areas of outstanding natural beauty, providing the perfect backdrop and source of inspiration for our bespoke kitchens. Tucked away in the small village of Llandegla, Tegla was born over 25 years ago. The abundance of raw materials in the local area spurred us to utilise sustainably sourced timber and traditional methods of cabinetry when crafting our fine kitchens.

As times have changed, so have we. Tegla also offers contemporary styles including high gloss surfaces and modern metallic finishes for present-day tastes. Any finish is possible.


Consultation Process

No two homes are the same, so all of our kitchens are designed specifically to suit your home and lifestyle. Tell us exactly what you want or seek the expertise of our designers in your initial enquiry. We will invite you to our showroom or organise a home consultation to assess your lifestyle, take measurements and establish what you need from your kitchen. Our designers will then take your kitchen from conception to a visual creation which we will then reveal in our showroom so you can select finishing touches, choose your colour scheme and finalise your design. Your kitchen then takes shape in our workshop where our craftsmen lovingly create your custom-build kitchen from solid timber. Finally, it will be carefully fitted by our craftsmen who add the finishing touches and a final coat of paint when your kitchen takes pride of place in your home.




Our Designers

Combining traditional carpentry with contemporary living, our handcrafted kitchens bring a warm and homely feel and are individually designed to suit the style of any home. Whether you have a fully formed idea or need inspiring, our designers work with you to size up and sketch your kitchen and reinvent it in ways you never imagined. We will work together and include you in every step of the design process to create a kitchen which fits in with your lifestyle. Before we start building, we will present to you a photo-realistic design of your new kitchen, complete with garden views and your favourite furniture in place. Once you have visualised your dream kitchen, we will help you to choose the best finish for your cabinets, door handles, paint colours and much more, to ensure that your new kitchen fits in perfectly to your home.


Our Craftsmen

After creating and installing over 1000 tailor-made kitchens since the 1990’s, we have a wealth of experience in handcrafting bespoke kitchens. All of our craftsmen are traditional cabinet makers and carve complex dovetail joints, making your kitchen robust and refined. We never use chipboard and nothing is mass produced in a factory. Each one of our kitchens is individually handcrafted in our workshop by gifted cabinet makers with refined skills. From bespoke, integrated cabinets to free-standing units, each kitchen that leaves our workshop is nothing short of perfect. We are selective about the number of kitchens we create each year so we can give your kitchen the time, dedication and high-quality touch it deserves.





Fitting and Installation

Who better to fit your kitchen than the craftsmen who built it? If anybody is going to take extra care and precision when installing your custom-built kitchen, it is our craftsmen. Once your kitchen leaves the workshop, we will usually spend one week installing each unit and ensuring that everything fits as planned. We work with precision and attend to every fine detail during installation. Before leaving the workshop, your kitchen will be primed and receive two coats of spray paint. To give your home the finishing touches it deserves, we also hand paint your kitchen once it has been installed, leaving authentic brush strokes and a homely touch.



We trust that you will take great care and pride in your new kitchen, but we do understand that some things are beyond your control. Your custom-built kitchen is protected under a 10-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong that wasn’t your fault, simply get back in touch and we will happily resolve the issue and make amends.