Our Philosophy at Tegla Kitchens

Tegla was first established in 1990. It’s founder Martin Edwards, had a vision to design and manufacture high quality bespoke kitchens and furniture with a style that reflects the personality of its user and also that is functional for those who truly love to cook.

Design ~ Manufacture ~ Install

Tegla are proud of their unique service they offer their clients, both personal and creative. Tegla has that creative ability to design, manufacture and install your commission, with precise attention to detail, making you feel confident that you will receive the best service and be totally satisfied with your commission.

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on our reputation and personal service that we offer our clients. We ensure their styles and creative ideas are carefully interpreted and developed prior to finalising the design. Making sure that our expertise is available to you from the beginning of your commission and that everything will be carried out with our utmost care and attention to detail.