Other Bespoke Furniture Solutions

Bespoke Solutions For Every Room

Here are some examples of the other bespoke products that we offer

Floor To Ceiling Cupboards

Bespoke Bootrooms

We design bespoke furniture to meet the needs of each client and suit the style and period of their home.

Many homes have a boot room as a rear entrance that unites the outdoors with the indoors leaving the mud and mess at the back door! We can provide floor to ceiling cupboards, integrated shelving and handy hooks to solve all your practical needs.

bespoke baxter bootroom

Beautifully Organised And Planned

Bespoke Laundry rooms

With careful attention to detail, a separate laundry room, provides a beautifully organised and planned space that provides both functionality and practicality, so that you can get on with all of your washing and ironing chores with ease and style.

Traditional Pantry Space

Bespoke Pantries

A traditional pantry space designated to store all your necessary ingredients, herbs spices and kitchenware is perfect for a beautifully organised kitchen.

We at Tegla recognise the importance of using creativity and practicality to support our busy lives and growing passion for cooking and entertaining, to make pantry units an integral part of the modern family home.

Bespoke TV Area

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Bespoke TV areas

We at Tegla love to create a bespoke TV area, functional and stylish.

Our units are perfect to house a state of the art widescreen TV whilst hiding any unsightly wires. We can work with you to create the perfect space to come and sit and relax, to watch your favourite film or box set, after a long day at work.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Bespoke Home Library/Study Areas

Are you a book lover? Do you appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of a beautifully designed library? If so, then you will understand the allure of a hand-crafted bespoke library.

A handmade bespoke library is a work of art itself, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We can work with you to create the perfect space that elevates your home to new heights of sophistication, elegance and style, where you can come to sit and relax, with your favourite book after a long day at work. Contact us today to begin the journey towards your perfect library area. With our bespoke library areas, you can truly bring your vision to life.

Bespoke Library and Study

It’s All In The Detail

For a truly bespoke personalised piece of furniture, the finishing touches are chosen by you. You will be spoilt for choice with our range of handles, worktops and collection of paint colours which will make your piece of furniture or kitchen truly unique with the perfect finish.

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